French grammar : rendre visite à quelqu’un

This is a test page. I am looking for an answer to this question: how do I help you get so good at grammar and syntax that you know what the French person said even if you only heard half of the words? It would be helpful to have your comments. Thanks!

rendre visite à quelqu’un = to pay a visit to someone. Literally, to render a visit to someone.

A quiz to tell you if you master the expression

If you know an expression well enough, you won’t have to catch every word before knowing what was said. And that is good, because we rarely run into a speaker who speaks every word slowly and clearly. This quiz tells you if you have that level of mastery.
Rendre visite à quelqu’un : French to French drill – replace “à quelqu’un” with indirect object

Introduction to the expression

If you don’t yet master the expression, these will help you get started.
How the French say, “to pay someone a visit”
How the French say, “to pay her/him/them a visit”
Use the expression 1
Use the expression 2
Remplacer à quelqu’un par le COI – English to French