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“Absolutely terrific experience, this short course! Thanks so much for making it free for all us skinflints! I’ll continue to use this technique every day…”

Sign up for the free course that helps you learn to hear spoken French. This is a 4-day course delivered by email and video, with exercises. This method is simple once you know it, but takes most people 3 days of work to really understand it.

Comments from persons who took the course in the past, when it was done by webinar

I am very much a beginner in French. My experience before this week in listening to French was the experience of hearing “blah, blah, blah” just sound. It was just sound, much like listening to music. Working through the first three steps of your method, I was able to experience hearing sound and getting meaning along with the sound. You asked about “fun” but I think that is the wrong word. What I felt/feel is excitement. I got a clear sense that your method works and that by following it, I will become fluent in French and rather quickly.

I really appreciated the examples that you provided—I didn’t realize how much I missed when listening to French spoken without any accommodation to the skill of the listener.

I would definitely take it again. I appreciate all that you have done for your students.

I will continue working with it, and I can already see how it will help with my listening skills.